drMáriás (1966) is a painter and visual artist, novelist and musician, frontman of the Tudósok band.

Studied at the University of Art in Belgrade. In 1991 moved to Hungary from Yugoslavia where he resides since. His multi-disciplinal art can be featured as having strong and critical attitude that deals with existential questions deriving from East-European identity, historic and political context. His artistic language implements elements of avantgarde, dadaism, pop art, soc art and surrealist attitude. He defines his artistic activity as social surgery. Leader, singer, saxophone and trumpet player of the Tudósok band (The Scientists) that gave more hundreds of concerts from Russia through Europe to the United States. Had solo exhibitions in Budapest, London, Belgrade, Vienna, Ljubljana, Peking, Prague and New York. His prose has been connected to the beat generation and the Russian avantgarde. His books have been published in Hungary and China.

Selected exhibitions:

  • Self-Portrait with Trianon, Kieselbach Gallery – Brody Studios, Budapest, 2019 with Peter Weiler
  • Flowers of Dynamite, Supamolly, Berlin, 2019
  • Tavasz-Tündér-Találkozó/Spring-Fairy Meeting, Godot Galéria, Budapest, 2019
  • Magyar Nemzeti Festészet/Hungarian National Painting, A38 Hajó, Budapest, 2018
  • Где мой Капитал?/Where Is My Kapital?/Hová lett a Tőkém?, Pig Snout Art Gallery, Saint Petersburg, 2018
  • The Sun Shines!, Rómer Flóris Múzeum, Győr, 2018
  • The Most Modern and Most Ancient Hungarian, Cultiris Galéria, Budapest, 2018
  • Longing and Belongig, 10 Thousand Steps Gallery, New York, 2017
  • Love Never Fails!, Godot Gallery, Budapest, 2017
  • Be Peace with You! – Museum of Modern Art MODEM, Debrecen, 2017
  • Paperlace Universe, Balassi Institute, Peking, 2016
  • Karel Gott Brings Peace to the EU-summit, Balassi Institute, Prague, 2016
  • Flower all Flowers! A38 Ship, Budapest, 2016
  • Get Well! – M21 Galéria, Zsolnay negyed, Pécs, 2016
  • Blue Danube Waltz, A38 Ship, Budapest, 2015
  • Utopia.Revolution, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, 2014-2015
  • Hollywood Behind the Iron Curtain, Suez Gallery, Den Haag, 2014
  • A Secret Political Meeting in the Swamp, Godot Gallery, Budapest, 2013
  • Change of glasses, Raiffeisen Galéria, Budapest, 2013
  • Beautiful Pictures from the World of Love, A38, Budapest, 2013
  • What’s Hungarian? Palace of Art, Budapest, 2012
  • My Horrible Idols, A38 Ship, 2011
  • The East-European Beatles, Old Police Station, London, 2011
  • Bukowski in Split – Galleria Numero 2, Koper, 2011
  • Celebrities vs. Artists, K. Petrys Ház, Budapest, 2010
  • Bukowski in Split – Ghetto Galéria, Split, 2009
  • Elect! – K. Petrys Ház, Budapest, 2009
  • DadaBloomsDay, Ivy House, London, 2008
  • TérErő, Palace of Art, Budapest, 2008
  • Self-portraits of a Suicide Car-mechanic, Klinker Gallery, London, 2005
  • I Live Science, Gogol Club, Moscow, 2005
  • Charcoal, Donauraum Galerie, Vienna, 2004
  • Cut Cat Kit, Anthology Film Archives, Courthouse Gallery, New York, 2003
  • Mehko lice, Metelkova Galerija, Ljubljana, 2002
  • Drawing a New Face, Cinema Rex, Belgrade, 2000
  • Everyday Science, Francia Intézet/Institut Français, Budapest, 1999