We Want Hungarian National Painting!

A38 Ship, Budapest,

november 27.-december 9. 2018

The most important characteristic of our age is the rise of the Hungarian nation, the re-flowering of our national culture, and the rebirth of its old glorious fame. Contemporary artists must take part from this huge work too. In this spirit, one of its distinguished representatives drMarias appointed the task of chronicleing the age with many special portraits making it visible to our nation, world and posterity by depicting the characters of one’s other particular event, experience and mood.

The artist’s unorthodox style was born within this struggle and became an inalienable achievement. In its creative style modern and contemporary art styles tend to be linked to the feelings, political content, art references, everyday stories and historical traumas represented by renowned political and public figures depicted in them. The characteristic of his art is the strange, critical, loud, tragic, or grotesque and cabaristic combination of well-known works, actors, events, with a view to expressing the mood of our age and our feelings of life.

The exhibition presents the latest paintings by drMáriás and the prints of older paintings produced by the Vinczemill paper workshop. The art of drMáriás was recently exhibited in St. Petersburg, before in Novi Sad, New York, Prague, Beijing, Sepsiszentgyörgy, London and elsewhere.

The exhibition was opened by Gábor Gulyás esthete.

At the opening, Entartete Kunst gave a music performance.