Inda Press Publishing House, 2023

Paintings and texts written for each painting by drMáriás on 300 pages with a Cd album by the Tudósok band included.

„You are holding the scandal album of the last decades of Hungarian politics in your hands, in which we tear off the bloody veil from the most important, famous, most exciting and terrible persons of our time, or raise a monumental statue to them!

In it, one hundred of the most recent, never-before-published, as well as fifty, already widely popular, beautifully terrible paintings of the cruelest painter of our time show the world we live in. For the first time, he also wrote wonderfully instructive and frighteningly funny educational stories for each of these pictures! Painting and literature embrace here like never before and nowhere, and tell all the secrets!

But if that wasn’t enough for someone, there is also the music part of the album, which is an integral part of the album, the brand new album of the Tudósok group led by the painter-writer, the Hymns of the Hymnic Times, which will make the literary, visual arts, and musical material an inseparable whole with its one hour of audio. , with the help of which you can get rid of all your anxiety.

You can finally laugh, sing, dance, scream while reading and looking at the curved mirror with which the creator undertakes the almost impossible task of convincing you that there is still a sea of joy, beauty and happiness on this planet — even the World’s Most Advanced Even in its democracy — for which it is worth living!”